Admission Requirements

University of Arkansas Fort Smith is a learning community committed to academic excellence and to fostering a learning climate that encourages the full development of its students.  All students who meet the admissions requirements will be considered for admission to UAFS.


  • Students enrolling in the university for the first time may qualify for admission by one of the following methods:
    • Graduation from high school; or
    • Satisfactory completion of the General Education Development (GED) test.
  • Beginning freshmen must submit the following information to the Admissions Office prior to receiving an admission decision:
    • A completed Application for Admission,
    • An official transcript of high school grades, credits, and date of graduation, or GED scores,
    • An official transcript of any college level coursework you may have taken while in high school (not including classes taken as UAFS), and
    • An Official ACT or SAT score or Compass/Accuplacer test scores. Placement scores are current for four years. The Compass and Accuplacer tests are administered in the UAFS Testing Center.
  • Required admission documents will be kept for one full year. If the student does not enroll after one year, all documents will be purged.
  • Students must score a 19 or above in all areas of the ACT or related SAT score to be admitted automatically to the university.
  • Students scoring less than 19 in any area of the ACT or related SAT score, may be asked to undergo further testing using the Compass or Accuplacer tests.
  • High School Core Curriculum
    • Students who graduated from high school or received a GED after May 1, 2002 will be evaluated for conditional/unconditional admission pursuant to Act 1290 or 1997, as amended by Act 520 of 1990 by the General Assembly of the State of Arkansas. UAFS recommends all high school graduates to successfully complete the college core.
    • The Arkansas College Core Curriculum for high school consists of:
      • 4 units of English with emphasis on writing skills, not to include courses in oral communication, journalism, drama, or debate
      • 3 units of natural science laboratories, chosen from physical science, biology, chemistry, or physics. Only one unit may come from a life science
      • 4 units of math, including algebra I, algebra II, geometry, and a higher-level math course
      • 3 units of social studies, including one of American history, one of world history, and at least one-half unit of civics or American government
    • Act 1290 also required any private school, home school, or GED student who graduates after May 1, 2002 to have successfully completed a composite score of 19 on the ACT or the equivalent score on the SAT or Compass test for unconditional admission to UAFS
    • Students who have not completed the requirements for Act 1290 and who are conditionally admitted to UAFS will be required to complete any necessary developmental courses along with 12 hours from the specified degree plans with a 2.00 (on a 4.00 scale) GPA within the first 30 hours. Once this requirement has been met, the student’s status will change to “unconditional”
  • Concurrent/Dual Enrollment of High School Students
    • In accordance with Act 1097 of 1991, a student enrolled in a secondary or home school may enroll at UAFS if he or she has successfully completed the eighth grade and demonstrates an ability to benefit from college-level courses. Interested students must submit the following documents:
      • A completed Application for Admission
      • An official high school transcript
      • A Participation Agreement, submitted each term, signed by the student or his or her parents, and the school principle (or designee), stating that the student has approval to enroll
      • Students enrolling for summer terms do not have to obtain the high school’s permission to take courses
      • ACT, SAT, or Compass scores which indicate placement into college-level. Completed policies and guidelines for the concurrent/dual admission program are available from the Admissions Office. Students must meet the requirements stated in the policies.
    • Conditions of concurrent/dual enrollment of high school students:
      • Students may not enroll in developmental courses
      • Students will not be eligible to participate in institutionally or federally-funded financial aid programs
      • Students attending UAFS under this policy must maintain a 2.00 (on a 4.00 scale) GPA each semester
        • Students failing to achieve the required GPA will be denied further enrollment until such time as they qualify under regular student admission requirements
      • A high school freshman, sophomore, or junior may enroll in a maximum of 6 semester hours each fall and spring term, as well as 6 hours each summer term
      • A high school senior may enroll in a maximum of 9 semester hours of credit each fall and spring term, as well as 6 hours each summer term. Any student wishing to take more than the maximum allowed must appeal to the Dean of Enrollment Management. The student must provide no less than two letters of recommendation from high school teachers, counselors, or principals, stating why he or she should be allowed to enroll in more hours.
      • Students who withdraw from high school or home school will not be allowed to re-enroll in UAFS until they qualify under regular student admission requirements


  • Applying as a returning UAFS student
    • Welcome back to UAFS! We are excited that you are returning to complete your degree. We encourage you to reach out to our office to find out more about what you may need to turn in since your last attendance.
      • If you are a returning student with no transfer work after leaving UAFS, you may need to submit a new application for admission and immunization records, depending on the length of your absence from the university.
      • If you are a returning student who has completed transfer work after leaving UAFS, you will need to submit a new application for admission, official transcripts from all institutions attended after leaving UAFS, and immunization records (depending on the length of your absence)
    • Your eligibility for readmission to the university depends upon your standing at the time you left UAFS, per the guidelines set forth in the UAFS Undergraduate Academic Catalog.
    • You may contact the Office of Admissions at 479-788-7120 or email us at for assistance with the application process or for any questions you may have.
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  • Students who have previously completed a college degree and are interested in attending UAFS for personal or professional enrichment – not an additional degree – must submit a completed Application for Admission, an unofficial transcript indicating completion of a baccalaureate degree, and shot records showing immunization against measles, mumps, and rubella. Transcripts documenting completion of prerequisites may also be required, if difference from degree earning institution. Students in this category are not eligible for financial aid.


  • Students who have previously attended other accredited colleges and universities may qualify for admission by submitting the following documents to the Admissions and School Relations Office:
    • A completed Application for Admission.
    • An official transcript of grades and credits from each college/university previously attended. Students must have a 2.00 (on a 4.00 scale) cumulative GPA on all previous coursework to be automatically admitted to UAFS.  Students with less than a 2.00 Cumulative GPA will undergo further review for possible admission as a probation admit, or non-degree seeking conditional admit. Students must be in good financial and disciplinary standing and must not have been academically suspended from the last institution attended. Official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended must be submitted or sent directly to the Records Office in an official, sealed, school envelope. Official transcripts must be received two weeks prior to the beginning of the term in which the student wishes to enroll. Once submitted, students should allow ten business days for transcripts to be evaluated. Students may not register for courses until all official transcripts have been received and evaluated. Students should be prepared to submit course descriptions for coursework older than 15 years. Falsifying any part of the Application for Admission and/or failing to report previous college work will prevent a student from receiving federal financial aid and/or admission to the university.
    • Test scores: ACT, SAT, or Compass or previous college course work demonstrating acceptable reading, English, and math placement.
    • Proof of immunization against measles, mumps, and rubella. Immunity can be shown by providing proof of having received two doses of measles, two doses of mumps, and two doses of rubella, vaccine.
    • Transfer students admitted to UAFS in good academic standing are subject to the same minimum academic standard requirements as continuing students. Transfer students admitted to UAFS on academic probation will be evaluated at the end of their first semester of enrollment.
    • Any transfer student who has been dismissed from a program for reasons other than failure to maintain satisfactory academic progress is not eligible for admission to the university for a period of five years from the date of dismissal. After five years, admission may be considered upon criteria deemed appropriate by the university.
  • Any student who is unhappy with their admission decision may go through the Admission Appeals process.  To learn more about this process you may contact the Office of Admission.
  • Transient Students
    • Students who are actively enrolled in other institutions of higher education and wish to enroll for a summer session at UAFS must submit a completed Application for Admission, an official transcript indicating good academic standing from the institution in which they are actively enrolled, and shot records showing immunization against measles, mumps, and rubella. A student who enrolls in a course with a prerequisite must provide evidence of obtaining a "C" or higher in the prerequisite course. Students who continue to attend the university during the fall or spring semesters will be required to submit the same required documents as a transfer student.


  • We are please you are considering the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith to help you reach your educational goals. To find out more about international student admissions requirements and to learn about the application process, we invite you to explore the Office of International Relations’ website.
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  • Admission to Graduate Studies
    • Opportunities for advanced study are provided to qualified students seeking graduate education and/or degrees provided under the supervision of the Office of Graduate Studies and individual colleges. Students must first be admitted into the graduate school in addition to being admitted into a degree program. Admission to a degree program is not guaranteed until the applicant receives official notifications from the college in which the degree is offered. The student may not enroll in any graduate course until this official notification is received. Failure to adhere to this policy will nullify any graduate level coursework undertaken by the student.
    • For Graduate Studies information, click here.



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