What is Outside Aid?


Outside aid includes any financial aid that does not fall into the federal, state, or institutional categories.  This usually includes outside scholarship opportunities and third party payments from outside agencies.


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What are Outside Scholarships?


Outside scholarships are typically based on merit achievement, performance, or some unique personal attribute.  We encourage students to speak with everyone they know to ask about outside scholarship opportunities.  Some agencies that typically offer scholarships include local businesses, parents’ employers, civic organizations, churches, and free online searches.

Free Online Scholarship Searches







Gates Millennium Scholars


Latino College Dollars

African-American Scholarships

Hispanic Scholarships

Native American Scholarships

Asian American Scholarships


NOTE: We do encourage students to avoid fee-based scholarship searches because there are so many free resources already available.


For information about outside scholarship procedures at UAFS, please visit our Processing Outside Scholarships page.