Testing Center

The Testing Center is committed to working with faculty members to administer make-up exams when this service is occasionally needed by students who are unable to take major tests during a regular class session.  Instructors are encouraged to work with the student to secure a time to make-up the exam.  However, if this cannot be arranged, the student may test in the Testing Center. 

Information for Students

Students are required to present a current photo ID (driver’s license, student ID, or a state issued ID) at time of testing.  It is the student’s responsibility to allow enough time to complete the test in one sitting. 

Gordon Kelly Academic Success Center

Students requiring ADA accommodations and students testing for online classes should use the services provided by the Gordon Kelley Academic Success Center, located in Vines 202.

Information for Faculty Members

We are pleased to serve your students. A test intake form is required for tests that are proctored by the Testing Center.  Tests and intake forms may be brought over or emailed to testing@uafs.edu.  Please complete the form fully so that we may administer the exam pursuant to your guidelines.  It is vital to the integrity of the testing process that the intake forms include the name of each and every student required to take the make-up exam. 
Please fill out the form below or download an intake form here.

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