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Grade Replacement

Grade replacement is not automatic for courses completed in fall 2018 and after and will only be done upon request of the student. In consultation with their advisor, the student will complete the Grade Replacement Request form and submit it to the Registrar's Office only after the grade is awarded for the second attempt of the course.

There is no limit to the number of times a student can repeat a course. However, only a grade of C, D, or F received the first time the course is taken can be replaced in the student’s GPA; the second and all subsequent grades will count in the GPA. A maximum of 12 credit hours can be replaced in this manner.

Replaced grades will not be factored into the student’s GPA, but will still be considered as attempted hours for financial aid purposes. When courses are repeated and not excluded, the highest grade will be used for prerequisites and to meet degree requirements.


Student earns an F in MATH 1403 in fall 2018. He retakes it in spring 2019 and gets a D, and then retakes the course a third time in summer 2019 and earns a B. Upon submission of the form, the first F will be excluded, and the D and B grades will be included in GPA calculation; only the B grade will be used to meet degree requirements and for courses requiring MATH 1403 as a prerequisite. He will have used three of the allowed 12 hours for grade replacement.

In the example above, the excluded F grade will be indicated by an “E” beside the grade. The B grade will be indicated by an “I” beside the grade. The D grade will have an “A” beside it, indicating the D will be included in the GPA but not used for prerequisites or to meet degree requirements. 

The indicators are noted in the chart below:


Indicator Attempted Hours Earned Hours GPA Hours GPA Calculation Used for Degree Used for Pre-requisites
I – Include or blank Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
E – Exclude Yes No No No No No
A – Include in GPA Yes No Yes Yes No No