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Academic Second Opportunity

An undergraduate student who has been separated from UAFS for at least two academic years may petition for their previous coursework be considered under the Academic Second Opportunity (ASO) policy. The petition must be received in the registrar's office before the beginning of the student’s first semester back at UAFS. If the petition is approved, all previous scholastic performance at UAFS will fall under the criteria below.

If the separation from the University resulted from academic misconduct, readmission will be reviewed by the Provost or designee.

If the application for ASO is accepted, all previous academic work remains on the student's permanent record, but the grades for previous institutional work are not used in computing the GPA. Grades of C or higher earned during previous attendance at the University are computed as passing hours (P) and may be applied to a major program, requirements for prerequisites, and graduation requirements. Grades of D earned during previous attendance may not be applied to a major program, prerequisites, or graduation requirements. ASO will apply only to grades earned in courses completed at UAFS and will not apply to coursework transferred from other institutions.

ASO is not recognized by the federal government for financial aid eligibility determination regarding the satisfactory academic progress (SAP) policy. Thus, the original grades earned prior covered by the academic second opportunity will be used in SAP calculations.

The student then pursues his or her academic program with no UAFS GPA and thereafter is subject to the conditions of warning, probation, and dismissal that govern all students. The student must earn a minimum of 15 credit hours in residence at UAFS after ASO has been awarded to be eligible for degree completion. Once invoked, ASO cannot be revoked and it may be awarded only once and may not be awarded retroactively.

A student who has a degree from another institution but was previously a student at UAFS or who has a degree from UAFS is not eligible for consideration.

The request for ASO is filed in the Registrar’s Office and reviewed by the faculty Academic Integrity committee (AIC) or designee within ten business days of submission by the student. The AIC will recommend approval/disapproval to the Provost or his/her designee, who will make the final decision.

The ASO request should be sent from the students UAFS email account to The email should contain the student name, ID number, and list all previous semesters attended at UAFS.