First Time Freshman

Admission Requirements

UAFS admits anyone who can benefit from the university's programs and meets the admission requirements. It is a learning community committed to academic excellence and to fostering a learning climate that encourages full development of its students. UAFS students are active partners in the learning process, and they accept final responsibility for their own learning and academic success. The university provides people, programs, services, and facilities that promote student success. In return, the university expects all students to demonstrate learner, university, and community responsibility.


How to Apply:

Submit a completed application

An official high school transcript, or GED scores

                A final high school transcript will be required upon high school graduation

An official transcript of any college level coursework you have taken while in high school (not including classes taken at UAFS

Official ACT, SAT, or Accuplacer scores.  The Accuplacer test is administered in the UAFS Testing Center.

Required admissions documents will be kept for one full year, but updated documents may be requested.

Acceptance Deadlines

Fall 2021 : August 18 



Students enrolling in the university for the first time may qualify for admission by one of the following methods:

Graduation from high school; or

Satisfactory completion of the General Education Development (GED) test.

Students must score a 19 or above in all areas of the ACT or related SAT score to be admitted unconditionally to the university and ready for college level coursework.

Students scoring less than 19 in any area of the ACT or related SAT score, will be considered for their placement and possible conditional admissions.


High School Core Curriculum

Students who graduated from high school or received a GED after May 1, 2002 will be evaluated for conditional/unconditional admission pursuant to Act 1290 or 1997, as amended by Act 520 of 1990 by the General Assembly of the State of Arkansas. UAFS recommends all high school graduates to successfully complete the college core.

The Arkansas College Core Curriculum for high school consists of:

4 units of English with emphasis on writing skills, not to include courses in oral communication, journalism, drama, or debate

3 units of natural science laboratories, chosen from physical science, biology, chemistry, or physics. Only one unit may come from a life science

4 units of math, including algebra I, algebra II, geometry, and a higher-level math course

3 units of social studies, including one of American history, one of world history, and at least one-half unit of civics or American government

Act 1290 also required any private school, home school, or GED student who graduates after May 1, 2002 to have successfully completed a composite score of 19 on the ACT or the equivalent score on the SAT or Compass test for unconditional admission to UAFS

Students who have not completed the requirements for Act 1290 and who are conditionally admitted to UAFS will be required to complete any necessary developmental courses along with 12 hours from the specified degree plans with a 2.00 (on a 4.00 scale) GPA within the first 30 hours. Once this requirement has been met, the student’s status will change to “unconditional”


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