Return of Title IV Funds

Return of Title IV Funds (R2T4) is a calculation that an institution must perform once it has determined that a student has fully withdrawn, officially or unofficially, from the institution. At that time the institution will perform a calculation that determines how much federal aid a student has “earned” based on the last date of academic participation in their courses for a given semester. Based on this calculation, it is possible that a portion of the funds would have to be repaid to the U.S. Department of Education which could result in a charge on the student’s account. For more information, please review our R2T4 Policy below.


Return of Title IV Funds (R2T4) Policy PDF document (PDF will open in new tab)


When would I be effected by a Return of Title IV Funds calculation?

A Return of Title IV Funds calculation would be required when the student is considered as withdrawn from the university. This may be due to an official withdrawal through the UAFS Records Office or by ceasing to attend classes within a single semester.


What is the difference between dropping and withdrawing?

A student who “drops” is a student who remains enrolled in at least one class. A student who “withdraws” is a student who is no longer enrolled in any courses, within a given semester.


Does dropping or withdrawing affect me?

Yes. When a student drops a course after the add/drop period, that student will receive a W on their transcript for that course and those credit hours will count against the students Course Completion Rate for Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). When a student withdraws, that student would directly enter Financial Aid Suspension for the following semester and could be effected by an R2T4 calculation.


For more information about how dropping/withdrawing can affect you, please review our Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy  PDF document (PDF will open in new tab) and our R2T4 Policy (above).